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Performance Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Sally Galloway. 
I help people reduce stress and anxiety, show up with more confidence, improve communication,
and design a life that resonates with who they truly are. 

  • Want to communicate with more ease and freedom?

  • Calm down those inner critic voices that say you're an imposter? 

  • Stay present and enjoy the moment you're in?

  • Reduce performance anxiety, overwhelm, and distraction?

  • Learn faster, focus more, and remember better? 

Friend, I have been where you are and have learned to make friends with that committee in my head
who said it couldn't be done. My TEDx Talk, best-selling book, wellness presentations, and performances
are proof of what's possible. Discover the tools that have helped my clients (and me) overcome
performance anxiety, depression, even di
abetes, to empower change and live a life of meaning, 

energy, positivity, self-confidence, and joy. 

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11 Quick and Easy Steps to Success

Every successful activity starts with the belief you can do it, so here's a list of things you can do quickly and easily (just a few minutes each) to quickly improve your energy and confidence.

Just enter your name and where to send it to get your FREE list of 11 tips to start building your success mindset today. 

(To access this form via mobile device, you may need to place your finger on the picture and scroll up.)  

Success happens when you align your beliefs, desires, and actions. When all three are lined up and working well together, you create HARMONY.

Creating HARMONY Group Coaching Program 

A proven framework for aligning your head, heart, and hands. You'll figure out who you are, what you want, why you want it, and how to get it.  

This 8-week group coaching program integrates evidence-informed principles to optimize physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Apply these principles to increase your energy and stamina and reduce stress and anxiety. Alignment leads to better outcomes.  
As you work your way through the 7-step framework, you will rediscover your passion(s) and strengths, define the specific actions you will take to set and achieve your goals, and develop the mindset skills to succeed
  • Come back to your center: who you are and what is most important to you
  • Claim your natural desires and strengths
  • Create goals aligned with your true self
  • Crush limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and playing small
  • Cultivate a positive growth mindset
  • Create calm within chaos and confusion
  • Consciously curate the perfect support system

What's included:
  • 7 weekly live webinars 
  • 10 activities for you to create your unique action plan
  • 7 Hot Seat Coaching opportunities
  • 2 private, 1-on-1 progress checks 
  • 7 weekly live Q&A sessions
  • a private Facebook group for peer support, ideas, challenges, and special treats 
Plus bonus access to tips, techniques, and resources to accelerate your progress: bolster brain health, improve sleep, boost your confidence, and more.
Please contact me now to receive an application to the group.  

Yes! Please let me know when the next 8-week Creating HARMONY course is about to begin. 
Here are some thoughts from people who have worked with me in the past:

"compassion to help myself"

Luz Vasquez, Violinist, Dancer, Artist, Tampa, FL

"...learned the self-discipline to quiet inner turmoil"

Frank Fedarko, Singer, Retired Consultant, Lorton, VA

"...a new level of mindfulness and appreciation"

Jonathan Velez, Image Coach and Personal Organizer, Tampa, FL

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