Hi, I'm Sally Galloway. 
I teach musicians and singers
tips and techniques to help you
optimally prepare for auditions,
concerts and competitions.
If your body is your instrument, wouldn't you want to give
every part of it a regular Tune Up to improve its performance?
It's more than the vocal cords. Optimal preparation includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of performance. 
Don't leave your audience (or yourself) wanting more.
Want more energy?
  • Improve your sleep, memory and focus, plus reduce allergies, GERD, and pain.
Want more confidence?
  • Use proven techniques from neuroscience to write your story of success.
Want to reduce performance anxiety and stage fright?
  • Tap into secrets of traditional Asian medicine to feel better in 5 minutes. 
Also learn how to hydrate effectively, move with freedom and ease, and build a solid connection with your audience and fellow singers. 
If you haven't already, make sure to grab your copy of the
Creating HARMONY Cheat Sheet then contact me for a
free Tune-Up Strategy Session to find out where you might need
an alignment before your next performance.