It is a delight to work with amazing people. Read on to see how lives have changed!
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"...enhanced my rehearsal practices and singing techniques"

“Sally introduced me to mind-body connections that enhanced my rehearsal practices and singing techniques, which intensified my experience of performing. I learned that good nutrition involved knowing which food and drinks to ingest and which to moderate to improve my vocal health. I discovered the importance of proper rest to reduce stress and have the energy to deliver a good performance. And finally, I learned the self-discipline to quiet inner turmoil. That became a skill I could use daily to be in the moment at work, in my social relationships, and to avoid the mental distractions from the focus to perform with artistry.”

Frank Fedarko, Singer

Lorton, VA

"...freedom of motion and more energy immediately"

“I experienced pain relief in my neck and shoulders that allowed me freedom of motion and more energy immediately.  After that incredibly insightful mind-body work, I had a lot more fun and energy at my upcoming professional conference!  I highly recommend Sally to anyone wanting to increase their level of health and enjoyment of life.”

Jonathan Flaks, Pianist, Singer, and Executive Coach

Hudson, NY

"...a new level of mindfulness and appreciation"

That one phrase sticks with me and has totally changed the way I eat: "Eat Protein First." I have consistent energy; I sleep better; I've been able to maintain my weight loss. And after the health clinic you did on the LOST Diet, every time I eat/chew there is a new level of mindfulness and appreciation. Now my biggest challenge is working on my water intake and making sure that it's consistent. 

Jonathan Velez, Image Coach and Personal Organizer

Tampa, FL

"I'm able to maintain focus, get things done, and feel more organized and accomplished."

I was feeling overwhelmed about all the stuff I had on my plate, including an upcoming audition, learning several songs for the following month's show, and taking an organic chemistry class--all at the same time. Since you taught me how to meditate, I'm now able to maintain focus, get things done one at a time, and feel more organized and accomplished. I sing with two barbershop choruses and a quartet, and I'm doing just fine in organic chemistry. Oh, and I passed the audition without a hitch!

Matt Doniger, Singer, Student

Falls Church, VA

"allowed me to get to know myself better..."

Working with Sally has been one of the most valuable decisions I have made this semester, and one that certainly will impact my life from now on. I always felt comfortable and accepted during our coaching session, given Sally’s non-judgmental approach. Besides proposing certain ways to improve my reality and providing me with new tools to do so, she allowed me to get to know myself better through retrospective questions. Sally helped me to understand what works for me as an individual and what does not work, because everyone is special in their own way and something that works for someone may not have the same effect in someone else. She focused on analyzing my reality and showing me ways I could, step by step, reach my goals. On top of this, I felt supported thanks to her amazing disposition and attitude. I would recommend anyone that seeks to improve themselves to work with Sally. I could not be more thankful about this experience.

José Miguel Santelices Ormazábal, Operatic Tenor

Tampa, FL

"compassion to help myself..."

When I first came to coaching, I did not know what to expect that would be different from what my teacher told me. I didn't know how coaching worked or how it could really help me. Because I was preparing for my first concert after not playing in many years, I wanted to feel safe and not feel any pressure. I learned how to listen to myself, to breathe. I didn't know it before, but now I know the way I talk to myself when I'm on stage, and I was able to change what I was saying and really have fun while I played. What I loved about coaching was naming things, reframing them. Despite wanting to play all the time, Sally kept asking about listening to my body. I learned how to listen to myself, to rest, to listen to my brain when it's freaking out. I didn't really have a grasp of what I was doing before, but when I took a break, I discovered what to do and what not to do to: compassion to help myself. 
Luz Vasquez, Violinist, Dancer, Artist

Tampa, FL