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Holistic Vocal Coaching and Wellness Coaching 

How can Holistic Vocal Coaching help you?

You've probably heard a singer's instrument is their body.


But that is not the whole story. Singing is one of the most integrated activities you can enjoy. It involves so much more than just the instrument. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of notes. 

There are 7 Keys to Creating Harmony, and with only one of these missing, your performance can fall flat. You need all seven to be able to express yourself to the fullest--mind, body, and soul. 

  • Physical--Give your body and brain what they need for energy, focus, and stamina

  • Mental and emotional--know your "why," and act in alignment with your values

  • Spiritual--connect to your purpose, to others, to your audience so you make a greater impact

Clients say when they learn to add these additional components they love their performance, they have more fun, it feels good, they score higher, and it brings them joy.
(Read some client stories here.)

Maximize your performance: 7 Keys to Creating HARMONY. 

Each key is a separate practice (with lots of options personalized for you) designed to help you take your performance beyond the footlights.  

Are you doing all of them already?


When you perform (artistically, in your job, with your family--on or off any stage), if you wish you had more energy and confidence, less anxiety and stress, and could have more fun, contact me for a "Tune-Up Strategy Session" to find out what might be missing. This check-in will help you get super clear on what you can do to raise your performance level and always create harmony. 

Set up your free 30-minute 
"Tune-Up Strategy Session"
so you can add more harmony to your life right away. 

Strategy Session

A free 30-minute consultation. Get super clear on your goals and what you can do to get there. 


Coaching Options

Private Vocal Coaching

 Vocal instruction with attention to the entire instrument, including alignment of body and mind, breath, performance anxiety, and authentic emotional expression. 

  • Ten 50-minute lessons

  • Between-session support via email or text

  • In-person or online

Virtual lessons for individuals and small ensembles

Best Value!
HARMONY Wellness
Group Coaching

A unique, transformational 8-week group coaching program that focuses on the psychology and science that support and create a memorable performance.


Great anytime, with the best timing 90-120 days prior to a competition or show for
focused applicability. 

  • Goal-setting for groups and individuals

  • Weekly 20-minute craft work in person or via video

  • Weekly 45-minute group calls

  • Private Facebook peer support group

  • Two FB Live Q&A sessions to get your specific questions addressed

  • Handouts and supporting materials to establish new habits

  • Before, during, and after check-ins to track your success

  • Bonus: free 30-minute 1:1 strategy call

Open to individuals and groups.

Elite Performance Preparation Program

Private one-on-one sessions over
12 weeks to fine-tune your entire instrument. This unique, innovative program combines vocal instruction and wellness education to address your personal performance goals: vocal skills and vocal health, stress management, and optimal mind-body-spirit health and wellness. 

  • Initial Intake (90-120-minutes)

  • Ten 45-minute lessons/sessions over 12 weeks

  • Focused homework to support you in reaching your goals

  • Between-session support via email or text

  • Personalize your program by adding massage therapy, cooking class, health food store tour, meditation instruction, workshops (additional discounted fees apply)

  • Dedicated 60-minute Success Review session

  • In person, phone, or video

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