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Private Singing Lessons
Vocal Coaching Plus
More than what you'd expect from a typical voice lesson, Vocal Coaching Plus is an approach that focuses on the ‘whole’ singer – mind, body, and song.

If you want to work on the technical and mechanic aspects of your music, message, presence and poise, and your delivery, this is the place to do that. As a classically trained and educated singer and an experienced public speaker, I can offer instruction, practice methods, and voice coaching focused on you learning your craft. 

What makes it "plus"?

You will also learn practices from the worlds of sports psychology, yoga, and mindfulness to give your performance the extra sparkle that comes from you being completely aligned with your intentions about the creation and delivery of the performance you want to give. 

schedule a Discovery Session to discuss your goals. 

Options for you: 
  • Take your performance readiness to new heights of confidence and ease with Mindful Performance Coaching
  • Check out the HARMONY Group Coaching Program, an 8-week coaching course that will explore authenticity, joy, alignment, building your confidence to express yourself out loud and unapologetically to align with your deepest desires, 
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