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Wellness Coaching for High-Achieving Performers
Whether your focus is being on stage or setting the stage for something different and better, performance wellness coaching helps you achieve higher levels of performance, anywhere in your life, customized for your particular needs and desired outcomes. 
You'll engage in a holistic approach to performance preparation to help you prepare physically, psychologically, and emotionally for important moments and events, whether for a work presentation, an audition or interview, a concert or competition, or any event where you want to show up with confidence and authenticity. 
  • Connect to your values: your passion, purpose, and personal mission statement

  • Make friends with your inner critic: avoid going down the rabbit hole of negative self-talk and assumptions

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and distraction: apply evidence-based mindfulness-based techniques

  • Improve communication: understand and be understood

  • Build your confidence: leave Imposter Syndrome and balance people-pleasing with empowerment

  • Reclaim health and wellness: establish simple self-care habits that improve sleep, energy, focus, and balance

Using evidence-informed techniques in these areas will help you: 
Increase your energy and stamina. 
  • Get better sleep, memory, and focus. We will create a plan to address mental and emotional issues that affect performance, like anxiety, overwhelm, distraction, and procrastination as well as physical issues like fatigue, allergies, GERD, and pain.
Improve your breath management.
  • Work with your body and brain, not against it. Improve the quality of your voice and message, whether you are talking to yourself, to colleagues in a meeting, or to crowds of people who support you. 
Feel better in your skin (and clothes).
  • Discover what nourishes you and what choices (food, boundaries, values) lead to optimal energy and mental performance. If weight management is one of your specific goals, we will create a plan tailored to meet your individual needs.   
Benefits and results are as individual as you are. As with any program that involves new information and action, your results are based on your consistent effort. I'm dedicated to your success, so if something isn't working, we will explore until we find something that resonates with you. 
Contact me for a free Strategy Session.
Let's determine your first step towards a new and improved you
as you pursue your performance goals. 
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