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This page is being updated to include more specific information about
various individual, group, and ensemble coaching options.
Contact me! Let's chat and explore what you're looking for. 

The best singers know that success comes from your mind just as much as your vocal technique.

Performance Readiness Coaching addresses the mindset, self-talk, and mental preparation needed to maximize your voice's flexibility and freedom. Informed by sports psychology, evidence-based neurological science, and success principles used by icons in the business and entertainment industry, you will learn these same techniques that silence your inner critic and kick imposter syndrome to the curve to build confidence and have more fun. 

Performance Readiness Coaching for Singers: Behind-the-Scenes

Most vocal coaching focuses only on the craft of singing. But the mental and emotional preparation is crucial to delivering an authentic, entertaining, and meaningful performance (as well as helping you stay focused and have enough breath to get through it). We focus on the stuff your directors and other coaches don't have time for (and may not know).

In addition, you put the practices you learn into your daily life, off the stage and away from the spotlight so that you get off auto-pilot, stay centered and grounded, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your results in work, relationships, health, and more.  


Use these life-affirming skills for a work meeting, an audition or interview, a concert or competition, or any event where you want to show up with confidence and authenticity. 

  • Connect to your passion, purpose, and personal mission statement

  • Avoid going down the rabbit hole of negative self-talk and assumptions

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and distraction

  • Improve communication: understand and be understood with clarity and kindness

  • Balance people-pleasing with empowerment

  • Establish simple habits that improve sleep, energy, and focus​

Benefits and results are as individual as you are and are based on your consistent effort.
We will work together diligently and with gentle curiosity to discover what resonates with you. 
Please contact me for a free Discovery Session.
Let's chat about your goal, and see if we're a good fit.  
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