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Coaching for High-Achieving Performers
Originally designed for musicians performing on stage, this curriculum has been expanded and is customized for all who want to achieve higher levels of performance, anywhere in their lives. The principles of success and high achievement are transferrable and customized for your particular needs and desired outcomes. 
I teach the psychological, physical, and spiritual components of performance preparation, in the form of wellness tips and techniques, to help you optimally prepare for auditions, concerts, and competitions (or any event you have coming up off the stage too) by keeping your body, mind, and spirit aligned and in tune.
What you'll learn:
Core values
Proper sleep
Positive mindset
Connection and belonging
Using evidence-informed techniques in these areas will help you: 
Increase your energy and stamina. 
  • Get better sleep, memory, and focus. We will create a plan to address common performance issues like fatigue, overwhelm, and procrastination as well as physical issues like allergies, GERD, and pain.
Improve your breath management.
  • Work with your body, not against it. Improve the quality of your voice and the sounds that come from your instrument, whether you are talking to yourself, to colleagues in a meeting, or to crowds of people who support you. 
Feel better in your skin (and clothes).
  • Learn which foods and activities lead to optimal energy management and mental performance. Weight normalization is a common side benefit of eating foods that work best for your body. If weight management is one of your specific goals, we will create a plan tailored to meet your individual needs. We will also explore mindset and self-care for optimal mental health.   
Additional benefits are as individual as the person going through the program. As with any program, your results are based on your effort. I do have ideas and strategies that I have learned, used,
and taught since I started performing on stage and in the world of work. If something isn't working,
we will explore until we find something that resonates with you. 
Contact me for a free Strategy Session.
Let's determine your first step towards a new and improved you
as you pursue your performance goals. 
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