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Vocal Coaching Plus: In the Spotlight
Private Singing Lessons Enhanced with Performance Psychology
Vocal Coaching Plus is an approach that focuses on the ‘whole’ singer – mind, body, and song. For you to give your best performance, you need to be able to access the emotional and mental aspects of getting you to the stage.
Most voice teachers leave out this important part of performance preparation, leaving your audience with a performance that lacks purpose and authenticity. With this holistic approach, you will be able to access your entire voice with ease, leaving your audience captivated, moved, and entertained. 
In addition to classic vocal production and breath work, you'll benefit from incorporating elements of sports psychology and human performance, the psychology of happiness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, yoga and Ayurveda, mindfulness, food and nutrition, and more.  Schedule a Discovery Session to discuss your goals!


Mindfulness Coaching for Singers and Speakers: Behind-the-Scenes

This pathway focuses on the mental and emotional preparation of delivering an authentic, entertaining, and meaningful performance. This approach focuses on mindfulness, performance psychology, the mental emotional physical preparation. If you're feeling pretty good about your music or message and want to work on your preparation before getting to the stage this is the pathway for you.

In addition, you will put the practices you learn into your daily life, off the stage and away from the spotlights so that you can cultivate a space of being centered and grounded, reducing stress and anxiety that will improve your performance in your work, relationships, health, and more.  

Instead, Performance Readiness coaching will give you a balanced, integrated approach to performance preparation to help you prepare physically, psychologically, and emotionally for important moments and events, whether for a work presentation, an audition or interview, a concert or competition, or any event where you want to show up with confidence and authenticity. 
  • Connect to your values: your passion, purpose, and personal mission statement

  • Make friends with your inner critic: avoid going down the rabbit hole of negative self-talk and assumptions

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and distraction: apply evidence-based mindfulness-based techniques

  • Improve communication: understand and be understood with clarity and kindness

  • Build your confidence: kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb and balance people-pleasing with empowerment

  • Reclaim health and wellness: establish simple self-care habits that improve sleep, energy, and focus

A great performance starts with the ABCs: Awareness, Breath, and Confidence
Using evidence-informed techniques in these areas will help you with your ABCs: 
Awareness: Be aware and purposeful, make choices that support your intentions. 
  • You get more of what you pay attention to. We will create a plan to address mental and emotional issues that affect performance, like anxiety, overwhelm, distraction, and procrastination as well as physical issues like a racing heart, sweaty palms, fatigue, allergies, and pain.
Breath: Improve your breath management, energy, and stamina.
  • Work with your body and brain, not against it. Improve the quality of your voice and message, whether you are talking to yourself, to colleagues in a meeting, or to crowds of people who support you. 
Confidence: Feel better in your skin, your clothes, more empowered to deliver your unique and important message.
  • Discover what nourishes you and what choices (thoughts, boundaries, values) lead to optimal energy, focus, and an authentic performance you can be proud of.    
Benefits and results are as individual as you are. As with any program that involves new information and action, your results are based on your consistent effort. I'm dedicated to your success, so if something isn't working, we will explore until we find something that resonates with you. 
Please contact me for a free Discovery Session.
Let's determine your first step toward your performance goals. 
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