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When my mom died, I had a choice. I chose to live.
And when I'm on stage, I am the most alive. 

Capturing audiences for decades, fans rave. 


"I couldn't take my eyes off of you. I was drawn into your story. I couldn't watch anyone else."


Just like you, I love singing, performing, and hearing the roar of the crowd. I used to get really nervous, nauseous, and shaky. I didn't like my voice, and I asked myself "What am I doing here? What happens if they find out I'm really not that good?" 

Then I discovered a world of techniques to help me build my confidence, and that led to singing, performing, teaching, directing, and running my own business. I want to share these things with you so you can benefit the way I did! 

There are three primary categories things: nourishment, alignment, and mindfulness. 



I love talking about food and its role in improving your physical and mental health. I can teach you about fats, carbs, and proteins, but food is more than the biochemistry. You can use it to nourish your soul, your spirit, your “why am I here” and "why am I doing this?" 



Proper alignment of the physical instrument will make an immediate difference in the way you feel and sound. When you take a look at how you are aligned--or not--with your values and your beliefs, and then make choices to shift that alignment, not only will your sound change, you will have found your voice. And that is something else altogether that your audience will feel and cheer for. 


All this is great but if you are too nervous to sing out loud and strong, then everyone misses out on what you have to offer. Stress has both positive and negative aspects to it, and you want to know how to use stress to improve your performance, not make it hard for you to get on stage in the first place. I'll teach you the #1 tool to reduce your stress in 1 minute and lots of other ways to make it last. 

If you want to know the backstory, keep on reading. If you are ready to schedule your Tune Up Strategy Session, contact me and we'll set that up. In that session, you will get very clear on what you want (on stage or off), what's holding you back, and what's next for you. 


My Inspiration Backstage and Offstage

I loved to watch my mom. She was a visual artist, a teacher, and a singer. She encouraged me to be the emcee of my kindergarten play, to sing with different groups in church and school, and she told me, “When you’re nervous, it’s because you care enough to want to do well.” When I was a kid she introduced me to both classical and barbershop music, and we performed in the same a cappella chorus when I was a teenager.  


I danced with her in the living room, and I gave her shoulder massages. With her encouragement, I earned two degrees in music. My life took an unexpected turn when she died of cancer at only 41 years old.


Being emotionally turned upside down at 19, I felt lost and alone, and I really wanted to understand how someone who was so vibrant and full of life could leave the planet so early. I also wanted to know how to have a different, longer and happier life.


To learn more about holistic health and the connection between our choices and the life we create, I studied spirituality principles and meditation with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Tara Brach. I explored stress management, neuroscience, psychobiology, and preventive medicine with Candace Pert, Christiane Northrup, Caroline Myss, and Louise Hay. Brian Klemmer and Brendon Burchard were my personal and professional leadership development teachers on the language of success. I have been a teacher, trainer, coach, seminar and retreat leader, and best-selling author. And now I'm a mom, giving birth to my daughter at age 48.


I sing, direct, and coach singing ensembles. In tribute to my mom, I created coaching programs that teach and empower performers to create lives of harmony, health, balance, and happiness, regardless of the stage they are on.


If you are looking for a way to boost your confidence and energy and live a life that's balanced and in tune with who you really want to be, please contact me to schedule a Tune Up Strategy session. 


Health.    Harmony.    Happiness.

Official Bio

Sally has over 30 years experience as both a healthcare professional and a performer in a variety of industries including public sector, healthcare, higher education, and the performing arts, in the US and abroad. Sally is a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) from Coaches Training Institute, is a graduate of and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is a Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist. She is a vocal coach and music director, a performer, and a frequent international a cappella competitor in the barbershop style (both Sweet Adelines International and the Barbershop Harmony Society). 

Sally holds a Masters of Music Education (MME) from Florida State University and has performed since childhood. Sally is a TEDx Talk speaker (Finding LOST Innocence: Reclaiming Health and Wellness through the LOST Diet) and the author of Vitamin Soup, 26 Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle, which reached #1 in the Mind-Body category and #2 Fitness category on

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