Do you aspire to be a better singer and performer?


It's a very special talent—a little bit of crazy and a lot of work, combined with the special element of joyful connectedness. 


You need:

  • Energy

  • Stamina

  • Strength

  • Concentration, and

  • The ability to stay connected with your self and your audience.


As you probably know from those times when you feel the connection and the electricity, it’s being able to bring the best of yourself to the present moment. It’s magical when it happens. 


And it happens by choice, not by accident. There is no such thing as “peaking on stage.” You get to practice performance readiness and giving your best all the time. HARMONY Wellness helps you figure out what that is and how to do it.


You’ll resonate with your audience authentically and powerfully, with youthfulness, energy, and stamina.


Register now for the 8-week group HARMONY Wellness training on the 7 Steps for optimal Performance Readiness.  

HARMONY Wellness is a comprehensive, holistic, integrated process that elevates your health in all areas of your life.


You will:

  • Gain the ability to connect and be creative in the midst of chaos

  • Feel refreshed and enthusiastic about the path you're on

  • Achieve balance, peace, and prosperity as you become more attuned to every part of your life.


This 8-week group coaching program is designed to help you with performance preparation and creating HARMONY physically, mentally, and vocally. 

It’s not a diet/exercise program, although we will talk about what foods to focus on to increase energy and how to improve your health, as well as specific movements will make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

(If weight loss is an immediate concern and a personal goal for you, contact me for information on what you can do to kick sugar cravings to the curb, increase your energy, and improve your metabolism.)


You’ll learn what healthy choices top performers like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Brendan Burchard, Tim Ferriss, and Oprah make as part of their lifestyle.


HARMONY is a holistic look at how to become the best you can be in every area of your life.


Imagine what it will be like to consistently…

  • Bring your best and highest self to every stage you’re on.

  • Perform with energy, stamina, ease, and authenticity.

  • Connect with your audience so they will connect with you.


That’s really why we do this, isn’t it?


The roars of the crowd-connections of the heart and mind-are what keep us coming back for more, over and over again. 


This program includes a special focus on performance readiness, integrating evidence-based mental, psychological, physical, and emotional preparation techniques, including:

  • Visualizations—used by millionaires, astronauts, Olympic and professional athletes, and rock stars

  • Meditation—evidence-based and ancient techniques for creating success today 

  • Power Postures—combining modern psychology and ancient wisdom to strengthen and build confidence


And, if you know anything about me, there’s something about food. You will learn to apply the scientific principles of “food as medicine” to keep you healthy and strong during those action-packed weeks leading up to a big competition or show.

  • Eating for energy—what foods to eat (and when) for stable energy, focus, and balancing moods and hormones

  • Supplements—what food scientists agree you need and don’t need for optimal energy and brain power

  • Herbs and spices—based on the oldest continuously practiced healing system in the world, create your very own, personal, individual plan for increasing energy, inducing sleep, improving concentration and boosting your immune system


You will learn the 7 steps to create great health so that you can become a top-level performer. It takes more than diet and exercise.


Actually, those aren't the first things you do when you decide to start living a healthier lifestyle. You’ll learn what you need to do in a holistic way to feed your mind, to fuel your body, and to nourish your soul.


Here is a sneek peak at the seven modules we'll cover:

H is for Happiness

We will begin by taking a deep dive into your values, beliefs, and goals. You will define your “Why” and create a vision that is an authentic expression of your purpose and who you are meant to be. This step puts you in touch with parts of you that you have ignored and projects you have avoided. This helps you transform ineffective habits into healthy habits and make progress.


A is for Attitude

When you have the right positive attitude, things happen as if by magic. Your results directly correlate with how clearly you know what you want and your attitude is while pursuing that. It is about creating a powerful mindset and vocabulary, knowing exactly what to say and not say, and becoming magnetized and in alignment with what you want and who you want to have in your life. You will learn how to get to positive expectation—and you will see the results.


R is for Rest

In our modern world, it's easy to have access to anything any time of the day or night. That can be great, and it can be very unhealthy. It can make you sick and slow down your progress. The space between the notes and the moments of silence create the most beautiful music. You must have down time for relaxation, restoration, and integration. Without rest, your body and mind never get a chance to fully benefit and you become more prone to illness and disease. We will create structures for creating serenity in the midst of chaos using proven tools from a global toolbox.


M is for Movement

I don't use the “E” word, but I recognize the importance and necessity of physical activity. Yes, you benefit from burning calories, and this module is about more than that. We will focus on the benefits of changing your perspective and the flow of energy as you move through space. You will be amazed at your powers of creativity and problem-solving as you also enjoy the physical and physiological pleasure of doing activities you love.


O is for Others

No man is an island. It takes a village. These are truisms that speak to the benefit of surrounding yourself—purposefully and intentionally—with people who resonate with you and with your values, beliefs, and passions. As you become very specific about creating teams and groups to work with, you will feel propelled along your journey because of the positive feedback and encouragement you will receive from hanging out with people in your tribe.


N is for Nourishment

What you choose to put in your mouth and in your brain, like information and beliefs, have a direct effect on your energy levels. These affect your ability to learn, think, focus, anticipate, and be present. What you eat, drink, read, hear, and the environment to which you are exposed all have an effect on your metabolism, your levels of toxicity, and your mental, psychological and spiritual health. Making shifts in what you consume—and how you feel about what you consume—will release you to higher levels of productivity, wealth, connection, impact, enthusiasm, and joy.


Y is for YES!

So many of us have been taught that you have to work hard to be successful. Toil and tiredness are badges of honor in the world of achievement and high performance. But there is another way. It is work to change a long-standing habit when you're in the “work hard” camp. Developing the practice of saying "YES" helps you feel  deserving and worthy. Then, when you are on the verge of a break through or you are about to land the gig, you can keep moving to "YES" instead of self-sabotage. After all of your work to create openings and opportunities for success, you must then do the work of saying "YES" to allow the good results to come.


Other programs for high performers focus on either tough physical training or speaking and delivery skills. This program focuses on health and wellness in a comprehensive, hold-nothing-back integrative approach to mind-body-spirit optimal wellness. By creating healthy lifestyle habits, you will access levels of clarity and focus as well as physical, mental, and psychological health.


This group program runs multiple times a year with specific start dates. Get in on the next one and maximize your time to make new healthy practices your new high-level normal.


Be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you will be the first to know about the next HARMONY coaching program. Subscribers will know before the announcement is made to the general public.  

Sally Galloway, MME, CPCC, LMT, CHHC

Vocal Coach 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Phone:  (703) 915-2506

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