Singers! Are You Ready to Take Your Place On Stage With More Confidence, Ease, and Joy?


Are you REALLY where you want to be as an accomplished singer? If not, what’s holding you back?


Are you just beginning and don’t know where to start? Are you a choral singer who feels like you get lost in the ensemble?


Or have you reached a level of success and you’re ready to take your singing passion further... You’re just not sure what your next best step is. 


What’s keeping you from fulfilling your life-long dream of confidently stepping out on stage and performing flawlessly?


Well, if you’re like many performers and creatives, the obstacle standing in your way may NOT be just your voice. For some of you that may be a stretch, but stay with me here, and I’ll let you in on a little secret or two. 

For starters, what does becoming a better singer actually mean to you and what could be getting in your way?

Can you relate to any of these? 


  • Lack of confidence, stage fright, performance anxiety

  • Performance-related injuries (repetitive stress from moving against your body, instead of being in the flow)

  • Mind scattered all over the place, can't concentrate or focus

  • Wishing you had a better stage presence… Maybe even embarrassed by those extra pounds you’ve been trying to shed


How the body, mind, spirit connection amplifies your singing voice…


Let me be clear, this is about more than your voice. It’s about you being the best version of you possible in order to support your vocal health and allow you to carry your message out into the world. I mean, isn't that part of why we love to sing? 


That’s not to say we won’t focus on the technical requirements. We most definitely will address all of them. 


  • Notes, Range, Tuning (Pitch)

  • Words, Lyrics, Message

  • Diction, Enunciation, Word Stress

  • Breath Support, Body Alignment, Posture

We will encompass them all to bring you into total alignment… Preparing you and your instrument as the musician you are meant to be. But before we go into the how, you may be wondering who I am and how I can help you. 

Hi, I’m Sally Galloway.


Growing up, my mom was my role model - an artist, teacher, and singer. She encouraged me to be the emcee of my kindergarten play, to sing with different church and school groups. She used to say, “When you’re nervous, it’s because you care enough to do your best.” My mom introduced me to classical and barbershop music, and as a teenager, we performed in the same a cappella chorus. 

At 19, my life was turned completely upside down when my vibrant 41 year old mother died of cancer.

That was my wake-up call. I decided I was going to have a different life. A longer, healthier, and happier one. 


I immersed myself in holistic health: stress management, preventive medicine, personal and professional leadership development, and empowerment coaching.


The more I learned about the mind, body, spirit connection, the more I began to realize... If my Mom had lived a more joy-filled life, she could have lived longer. 

I started to see the connection between our choices and the life we create. And once I realized I could overcome my family history, and against many odds, I reversed a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, and I had my daughter at age 48.


I never let go of music as my hobby and passion. I sing, direct, and coach singing ensembles.


Now in tribute to my mom, I’ve figured out a way to combine my love of health and harmony. 

And, I found a way to share it with you - my favorite peeps - performers of all types. To empower you to create a life of harmony, joy, and connection - regardless of the stage you’re on. I call it my “7-Step HARMONY Performance Preparation System.”

It walks you step-by-step through a comprehensive performance preparation that you will not get in your teacher's studio. I am excited to share this proven process with you. 

Are you ready to make beautiful music together? 


Let’s Chat: Grab a spot on my calendar for your 20-minute Complimentary Vocal Performance Session (Value $80) 

In this focused session, we will talk about what direction you want to go, what your vision is for your voice or perhaps for a concert or competition coming up in the next 60-90 days and what you can do to get there. 

How will that be different from what you've already done? 

What Sets Me Apart From All the Other Voice Coaches Out There


My journey has taught me a thing or two about singing. Like I said, it’s more than just your voice. Much like losing weight is about more than food. Being at your peak encompasses all of you. Your body, mind, and spirit. 


That’s why we start where you are... 

  • How do you define yourself - beginner, amateur, hobbyist, professional, soloist, choral singer

  • What are your singing goals

  • What’s your WHY

  • What are your values and beliefs

  • What do you want your performance to look and feel like

  • How do you want to show up and impact your audience

  • What’s your big dream… the one you hold deep inside, but are afraid to tell anyone


I want to support you in reaching that dream by helping you connect authentically with your audience.  

So when your performance is done, you know you’ve REALLY touched somebody because you showed up powerfully, 100 percent. You'll feel it, and you'll see it in when your audience stands and cheers. 

Working with Sally has been one of the most valuable decisions I have made this semester, and one that certainly

will impact my life from now on. I always felt comfortable and accepted during our coaching sessions, given Sally’s

non-judgmental approach. Besides proposing certain ways to improve my reality and providing me with new tools

to do so, she allowed me to get to know myself better through introspective questions. Sally helped me to

understand what works for me as an individual and what does not work, because everyone is special in their own

way and something that works for someone may not have the same effect in someone else. She focused on helping me

analyze my reality and showing me ways I could, step by step, reach my goals. On top of this, I felt supported

thanks to her amazing disposition and attitude. I would recommend anyone that seeks to improve themselves to

work with Sally. I could not be more thankful about this experience.

-Jose Santalices, Tenor, Opera Singer

What You Can Expect

We’ll work as a team. I’ll show up 100 percent for you as long as you show up 100 percent for yourself.


Together we’ll:

  • Quiet the gremlins - those inner critics that want you to continue to play small, feel less than, and stay in your comfort zone

  • Build your confidence muscle by exploring the surprising science of affirmations and the neuroscience behind confident performers

  • Turn your vision into your reality through visualization and virtualization

If this sounds a little woo-woo for you, understand I don’t teach anything I can’t back up through science. I’ve studied quantum physics and neuroplasticity, because I, too, need some kind of proof. It's all in there. 



Sally’s 7-Step HARMONY Performance Preparation System

So here’s what we’ll cover in the 7-Step HARMONY Performance Preparation System: 

Module 1

H is for Happiness

We will begin by taking a deep dive into your values, beliefs, and goals. You will define your “Why” and create a vision that is an authentic expression of your purpose and who you are meant to be. This step puts you in touch with parts of you that you have ignored and projects you have avoided. This helps you transform ineffective habits into healthy habits and make progress.


  • Discover Your Beliefs

  • Define Your Why

  • Transform Ineffective Habits to Healthy Productive Habits


Module 2

A is for Attitude

When you have the right positive attitude, things happen as if by magic. Your results directly correlate with how clearly you know what you want and what your attitude is while pursuing that. It is about creating a powerful mindset and vocabulary, knowing exactly what to say and not say, and becoming magnetized and in alignment with what you want and who you want to have in your life. You will learn how to get to positive expectation—and you will see the results.


  • Creating the right positive attitude

  • Incorporating your Mindset and Vocabulary 

  • Coming into alignment with your best self


Module 3

R is for Rest

In our modern world, it's easy to have access to anything any time of the day or night. That can be great, and it can be very unhealthy. It can make you sick and slow down your progress. The space between the notes and the moments of silence create the most beautiful music. You must have down time for relaxation, restoration, and integration. Without rest, your body and mind never get a chance to fully benefit and you become more prone to illness and disease. We will create structures for creating serenity in the midst of chaos using proven tools from a global toolbox.


  • Schedule in down time

  • Allow time for relaxation, restoration, and integration

  • Learn tools for creating serenity in the midst of chaos


Module 4

M is for Movement

I don't use the “E” word, but I recognize the importance and necessity of physical activity. Yes, you benefit from burning calories, and this module is about more than that. We will focus on the benefits of changing your perspective and the flow of energy as you move through space. You will be amazed at your powers of creativity and problem-solving as you also enjoy the physical and physiological pleasure of doing activities you love.


  • Include physical activity - some type of movement - into your daily routine

  • Allow the flow of energy to change your perspective

  • Enjoy your new found powers of creativity and problem-solving... embracing the physical and physiological pleasure of doing activities you love


Module 5

O is for Others

No man is an island. It takes a village. These are truisms that speak to the benefit of surrounding yourself—purposefully and intentionally—with people who resonate with you and with your values, beliefs, and passions. As you become very specific about creating your support system, teams and groups to work with, you will feel propelled along your journey because of the positive feedback and encouragement you will receive from hanging out with people in your tribe.


  • Surround yourself with people who resonate with you and with your values, beliefs, and passions  

  • Be intentional about creating your support system, teams and groups to work with

  • Benefit from the positive feedback and encouragement you will receive from hanging out with people in your tribe


Module 6

N is for Nourishment

What you choose to put in your mouth and in your brain, like information and beliefs, have a direct effect on your energy levels. These affect your ability to learn, think, focus, anticipate, and be present. What you eat, drink, read, hear, and the environment to which you are exposed all have an effect on your metabolism, your levels of toxicity, and your mental, psychological and spiritual health. Making shifts in what you consume—and how you feel about what you consume—will release you to higher levels of productivity, wealth, connection, impact, enthusiasm, and joy.


  • Notice what you choose to put in your mouth and in your brain… they affect your ability to learn, think, focus, anticipate, and be present

  • What you eat, drink, read, hear, and the environment to which you are exposed all have an effect on your metabolism

  • Making shifts in what you consume will release you to higher levels of productivity, wealth, connection, impact, enthusiasm, and joy


Module 7

Y is for YES!

So many of us have been taught that you have to work hard to be successful. Toil and tiredness are badges of honor in the world of achievement and high performance. But there is another way. It's work to change a long-standing habit when you're in the “work hard” camp. Developing the practice of saying "YES" helps you feel deserving and worthy. Then, when you are on the verge of a break through or you are about to land the gig, you can keep moving to "YES" instead of self-sabotage. After all of your work to create openings and opportunities for success, you must then do the work of saying "YES" to allow the good results to come.


  • Developing the practice of saying "YES" to being worthy

  • Keep moving to the tune of "YES" when faced with feelings of self-sabotage

  • Continue to create openings and opportunities for success


Other programs for high performers focus on either tough physical training or speaking and delivery skills. This program focuses on health and wellness in a comprehensive, hold-nothing-back integrative approach to mind-body-spirit optimal wellness. By creating healthy lifestyle habits, you will access levels of clarity and focus as well as physical, mental, and psychological health.



Will This Work For Me If I’m Not A Singer? 


Not a singer but think this might be a fit for you? I get it. There are so many ways these Harmony techniques can benefit anyone in the performing arts world, because after working with violinists, guitarists, and pianists with arm pain, a bassoon player with scoliosis, and a fellow TEDx talker with stage fright, I learned that the underlying goals, dreams and fears are the same:


We want to do a good job, touch the audience and move them with our music, and to experience more self-confidence and joy. 

When I first came to coaching, I did not know what to expect that would be different from what my teacher told me.

I didn't know how coaching worked or how it could really help me. Because I was preparing for my first concert after
not playing in many years, I wanted to feel safe and not feel any pressure. I learned how to listen to myself, to breathe.
I didn't know it before, but now I know the way I talk to myself when I'm on stage, and I was able to change what I
was saying and really have fun while I played. What I loved about coaching was naming things, reframing them. Despite

wanting to play all the time, Sally kept asking about listening to my body. I learned how to listen to myself, to rest,
to listen to my brain when it's freaking out. I didn't really have a grasp of what I was doing before, but when I took a
break, I discovered what to do and what not to do to: compassion to help myself. 
-Luz Vasquez, Violinist, Dancer, Artist


Let’s Chat: Grab a spot on my calendar for your Complimentary VPS-Vocal Performance Session (Value $80). We'll chat about what goals you have for performing, the direction you want to go, and if this would be a good fit for you. 


I really hope to hear from you soon. 

Oh! and be sure to request your copy of… 

The 10 Steps To Health & Harmony Blueprint for Singers, Musicians, & Performing Artists


“How to have more energy, greater focus and more fun without losing your place, falling down, or throwing up”

Ready to take the next step? Jump on my online scheduler and set up your free VPS: Vocal Performance Session.  

You will gain a crystal clear vision of what you want and who you are meant to be (on/off stage),
uncover hidden challenges that may be standing in your way,
and leave the session feeling renewed, re-energized and inspired to get results
faster and easier than ever before.

Prefer to email me first? Contact me now. I look forward to connecting with you.
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Sally Galloway, MME, CPCC, LMT, CHHC

Holistic Vocal Coach 

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