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5-Day Da Capo
"Back to the Beginning" RESET


Da Capo in 5 Days (coming soon! Ask for details.)


A 5-day back-to-the-beginning reset for your metabolism, hormones, and energy levels.

When you register for Da Capo in 5 Days, here’s what you’ll get:


You will receive on your doorstep a 5-day RESET Kit which includes yummy shakes, supplements, high-energy snack bars, and a guide book to keep you on track for the 5-day program.


You’ll also get online support from me in the form of recipes and wellness tips.

If you follow the program as it is recommended, you can look forward to achieving the following results:


  • weight loss (4-7 pounds in 5 days)

  • glowing skin

  • restorative sleep

  • a more slender waistline

  • killed carb cravings. Gone!


(Hey, it happened for me and everyone I know who’s done this program.
It’s looking good for you, too.)


Finally, you’ll get lifetime access to the HARMONY Wellness™ online community of participants and alumni who will wax poetic about their stable blood sugar, clear thinking, and feeling happy and healthy with tons of energy.


(Coming soon. Ask for details.)

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