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Transformational Health, Life, Vocal Coaching


Client Results

Who do you know who could use some accountability and support with their life, health, and vocal goals? Here are some things I've helped clients do over the last 15 years. Maybe the time is right for you, too. 


Would you like to:

  • lose weight

  • save money on healthy and delicious food

  • cook greens without boiling them to death

  • plan and prep meals to save time and money

  • reverse diabetes (no clinical symptoms)

  • get off blood pressure and cholesterol meds

  • run 5Ks to marathons

  • walk and dance without pain

  • clear up acne and rosacea

  • ask for a raise and GET IT

  • speak your truth

  • find love

  • figure out what you want to be "when you grow up"

  • make more money

  • spend more time with your kids and be a nicer more patient parent

  • create peace and structure in the midst of chaos...and more.

I've helped actors and singers:

  • eliminate stage fright

  • pass an audition

  • win a part/role in a musical

  • win a barbershop quartet contest

  • expand vocal range

  • get rid of "the break"

  • stay present and connect with audience to get the standing ovation

  • have more fun

  • enjoy the health benefits of singing and dancing--into their 80 and 90's.

What do you get?

What you get is to get closer to having what you have been saying you want to have.

You get support and progress towards your goals.
You get further in 6 months that you may have gone in 6 years.

You get focused weekly private phone sessions one-on-one with me,
conference calls to learn from others,
private online groups to share your challenges and wins,
accountability deadlines (the research on the benefits of deadlines is impressive),
brainstorming, immense support, and championing and other resources.



I really don't like the hype of hugely discounted programs.

"Buy Today!" It actually feels pretty icky to me. I'm not going to make this up because I want to be in integrity with you.

My coaching programs are usually 3-6 months long, and range from $1,999-$3997. The real discount I am offering is because I am being held accountable myself, and I want to reach a goal of raising money for other people to experience coaching through an organization that has served me well, and I want to give back. Period. After this is over my prices double. So this is a very real deadline for me (and therefore, for you). 

April 8, 2017

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