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Welcome to mindful singing and performance readiness.


As a mindfulness coach specializing in working with singers, I'm here to guide you on a holistic journey to discover your voice on and off the stage.


My personal story drives my passion for helping others find and express their unique voices.

The Full Story

I’m dedicated to helping you overcome the same challenges I needed help with:

  • Performance Anxiety: Feeling nervous or overwhelmed before and during performances.

  • Self-Doubt and Criticism: Struggling with negative self-talk and perfectionism.

  • Imposter Syndrome: Struggling with feelings of inadequacy or fear of being exposed as a fraud.

  • Authentic Connection: Difficulty in connecting authentically with your audience and expressing your true self through your music.


At a young age, I experienced the profound impact of a voice unexpressed. My mother, a talented singer, died at age 41, with dreams and goals unfulfilled. Her passing prompted me to champion others in finding and expressing their unique voices.

Drawing strength from her legacy, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and service, determined to help others overcome their challenges and ensure their voices are heard and celebrated. This experience taught me the importance of living authentically and expressing oneself boldly.

Through mindfulness, we can live in alignment with our true selves.

How Mindfulness Can Help:

  • Performance Mastery: Drawing from performance and sports psychology techniques, mindfulness can help you develop mental resilience, focus, and confidence on stage.

  • Reframing Beliefs: Mindfulness practices empower you to challenge limiting beliefs and cultivate a mindset of self-compassion, courage, and authenticity.

  • Authentic Connection: Mindfulness fosters empathy and connection, enabling you to create meaningful experiences for your audience through your music.

  • Living Your Unique Song: Mindfulness coaching encourages you to embrace your uniqueness, honor your voice, and express yourself authentically both on and off stage.


Thank you for considering me as your partner in this transformative journey. Let's unlock the full potential of your voice together, one mindful note at a time.


Sally Galloway

Let’s Chat!

Get in touch and let's see if we resonate. 

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