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Harmony within, brilliance onstage:
Empowerment, authenticity, and joy
  through performance wellness coaching.

Center for Health and Harmony (4).png
Center for Health and Harmony (4).png


Hi!  I am Sally Galloway, owner of the Center for Health & Harmony, life and health coach, voice teacher, and active performer.


Say hello to a new chapter of your artistic journey, where you shine as a confident, captivating performer, leaving an indelible mark on every stage you take.


Prepare to step into the spotlight, my friend, for your transformation awaits. Embrace the power within you, and together, we shall embark on an extraordinary journey of growth, presence, and audience enchantment. I will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to unleash your confidence and radiate with a magnetic energy that draws the audience in, leaving them spellbound by your every note. Get ready to unleash the performer you were born to be!

Who we work with?

Those who want to unleash presence and power, on and off the stage.

Opera Singer

Hobbyist Singers

Singers who adore their craft but find themselves seized by stage fright and negative self-talk.

Musician with guitar

Professional Musicians

Professionals who struggle to consistently embody presence and relaxation on stage!

Singing Bowl Meditation

High-achieving Professionals

Those seeking alternative solutions for maximizing performance.


Discover a World of Transformation with Our Services

  • Mindfulness training for enhanced self-awareness and emotional well-being

  • Cognitive restructuring to break free from negative thought patterns

  • Mindset coaching to unlock your full potential and cultivate a winning attitude

  • Ayurveda guidance for restoring balance and harmony in your life

  • Invigorating yoga sessions to harmonize mind, body, and spirit

  • Energizing energy medicine techniques for revitalizing your energy flow

  • Captivating voice lessons to unlock your vocal potential and express yourself with confidence

  • Crystal therapy to harness the power of crystals for healing and transformation

  • Rejuvenating massages to relax your body and soothe your senses

  • Aromatherapy with essential oils to enhance your well-being and create a sense of tranquility

  • Experience the transformative energy of Reiki to restore balance and promote holistic healing.

Opera Singer

Our Clients Say

"If you're searching for a coach who goes beyond the ordinary, who understands the power of alternative medicine and mindfulness, and who can help you unlock your full potential as a performer, then look no further. With this extraordinary coach by your side, you'll not only captivate audiences but also discover a profound connection to yourself and your art. Prepare to unleash your stage magic!."

Embrace a holistic approach to wellbeing and unlock your true potential with our diverse range of services. Step into a world of transformation and start your journey toward a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Center for Health and Harmony (4).png

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Center for Health and Harmony (4).png
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