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21-Day Mind-Body Tune-Up
Online Event


The no-diet, no-fad, no-deprivation mind-body-spirit tune-up program is an extravaganza of how to feed your body and mind.


Yes, I believe that the right diet and exercise make a difference in your life. I am a champion of whole foods and eating well to maintain a healthy weight, reduce risk of chronic dis-ease, increase energy, and promote healthy brain function.


Yet, after decades in the wellness space, my clients have taught me that it’s not all about the food. It’s really about what feeds you. So, you’ll get some great “food geek speak,” and I’ll also add some great mind-body nourishment.


When you register for the Mind-Body Tune Up, here’s what you’ll get:


This program is entirely online, delivered straight to your email inbox to complete at your own pace. But you’ll have a community to tune into. You’ll have access to the HARMONY Wellness™ online community of participants and alumni so you can learn, connect, grow and gain inspiration from your new like-minded friends.


(Coming soon. Ask for details.)

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